Welcome 2017


So… 2017… here you are… FINALLY! My god, did you take long enough?
2016 was a hard year. But it stressed the importance in finding positivity within a not-so-positive present. While being sad, exhausted and mentally drained by difficult surroundings and/or daily hardship – experienced by you or others – there is true emotional wealth in passion.
Passion for public policy or societal issues or political movements. 2016’s difficult times provided daily reminders that feeling everything from empathy and compassion to sadness and empowerment is better than feeling nothing at all. The wealth in emotion comes from feeling so frustrated or inspired that you are prepared to stand up and fight for what is right. Let’s make this the year of passion; a year for growth, equality, understanding, empathy, inclusion and most importantly, love.
2017; lets get rich.
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Snapchat: @kjabripickett

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