Kylie Cosmetics: Review

This is a product review of the Kylie Cosmetics holiday bundle must-haves. If you would like a real-time in-person imboxing of all these products, be sure to check out my YouTube Channe @LifeOfChaos where I talk about my hopes for the products with further detailed first impressions. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT SPONSORED. THESE ARE MY OWN OPINIONS AND VIEWS

Liquid Lipstick: I recieved two colours in the bundle;
Merry and Vixen.The first thing I noticed is that these lipsticks are very fragrant. They smell a lot like something Christmassy, but I couldn’t tell you what that smell is. I use a lot of liquid lipsticks, and most frequently the Anastasia liquid lipstick which is not only less fragrant but is also thicker. This liquid is more watery but still has a very vibrant colour when applied to the skin. The angled applicator makes application easy.

Cream Eyeshadows: The consistency is amazing. I have never used cream eyeshadow before so I am not sure what the standard is but I loved applying it. I wish it dried faster, and was a little more pigmented. In the bundle  the 3 colours that came (Camo, Yellow Gold and Golden plum) are not what you would hope for as much as you’re paying. I want something a little more ‘everyday’ OR something extravagant. The colours are boring.

Brush Set: AMAZING! Stiff brush tips with soft img_1280
bristles and while they are mostly for eye detailing, they can pretty much be used for both liquid and powder consistencies (the big fluffy one was useful for blending cream highlight). It also works well that they are WHITE because unlike most (black) make-up brushes, you can truly tell when these are dirty or completely clean. I loved using them and it may already be safe to assume that they will be incorporated into my everyday makeup routine.

Make-Up Bag: Non-structured plastic. Can be folded away if necessary and is deceptively larger than it appears. It has one pocket on the inside (which i have used to separate brushes from palettes and products) and the lining is a light shade of grey matching almost mirroring the metallic on the outside. Could probably be tossed in the washing machine if necessary (and done so inside out). However based on its price individually, it is made a little cheap. the zipper gets stuck sometimes and i would kind of expect more based on the price. Something useful, but not something i would recommend if you want a long-lasting makeup bag.

img_1284Key-chain and Stockings: while obviously these are pretty self-explanatory in their lack of use, it was super important to me to let all my readers know that THESE ARE THE SOFTEST THINGS I HAVE EVER INTERACTED WITH !!! Take the softest throw you have ever held or felt PLUS a baby’s skin and i swear it’s what you imagine a cloud or AIR feeling like. They are both very white, but obviously pretty useless for 11 months out of the year.


You can find these products at :

If you like these product reviews, let me know if you’d like more just like it. You can leave me a comment down below.

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