Electro Dermal Allergy Test: My Experience

What is the Electro Dermal Allergy Test: this is a non-invasive allergy test. I don’t know a lot about it or really how it works but this is what I understood; there are tiny currents passed through your body while holding a metal rod in one hand, and having your finger pricked by another. These currents, which go through a system, test your reaction to various different foods and materials – everything from peanuts to duck feathers to dog fur. The test is a homeopathic technique so can usually be found at a naturopath or homeopathy clinic.

Why did I feel it was necessary: Since moving out on my own I had noticed slight weight gain –> at first it was nothing out of the ordinary; new found freedom, no restrictions, one is bound to eat unhealthily, but 8-10 months before the test my weight and well-being worsened to a point of complete breaking. I had severe mood swings, constant body aches, I never slept well, always felt bloated and it looked like I was always swollen – like I had put on weight, and mental breakdowns were a weekly occurrence. I later found out that this was water weight that came from all the toxic food I had been eating. My body was turning these allergies into water to get rid of it, but it then had nowhere to go; hence the weight gain. Water weight will increase the number on the scale and increase your dress size.

Beginning Experiences: I saw more results in 6 days of cutting out this list of allergies than I did in 6 months of intense personal training and dieting. I had lost 15 pounds f water weight, I was sleeping better, my mood had improved, I no longer had body aches or nausea. I was healthier and happier. I could already feel my clothes fitting better and my face thinning out. Within 3 weeks I had lost all bloating and water weight (a total 35 pounds), I was no longer breaking out and any symptoms that I had ever experienced in the realm of discomfort had disappeared. I didn’t realize how unhappy, mentally, physically and emotionally, I was until I wasn’t any more.

Difficulties: Anything worth having doesn’t come easy, so while this test was completely worth it, I faced some challenges when cutting out all the foods that I ate pretty much every day. There were foods I loved that I had to give up – which also means I had to learn to truly control temptation. This wasn’t some scheme or noncommittal diet that if I cheat just once I can work it off. These allergies, after the first week, really posed severe pain and discomfort if I cheated. I remember the first time I had a beer after I had done the test – and this is one of the ingredients I found out I had reactions to – and I cannot express the immense pain I felt the next morning. I was sad. Really really sad. It was my birthday weekend and I knew that It was from the beer, but it was just this funk I could not pull out of for a few days. My joints were sore, I was nauseas, I had woken up with like 3 zits; within the span of 10 hours it felt like I had been run over by a cement truck and eaten some bad fish. All for a beer. I knew in that moment, that cheating just wasn’t worth it. No food, no matter how good it tasted, was worth this pain.

The next challenge was finding alternatives to the foods I loved. I won’t give you an extensive list of all the alternatives I found, but I will tell you that the internet is your best friend. Someone has come up with a recipe for your favourite food with alternative ingredients. So do your research, it will help, and eventually you will stop craving those foods that you can’t get enough of right now.

The last difficulty I face is expenses. Eating clean and healthy is expensive enough, never mind needing to narrow down the healthy eating to an even more limited grocery list. My best suggestion: shop in bulk for those things you can eat, and find a favourite sauce the you can have with everything. I buy tons of ground beef, chicken breast and rice because with a good sauce I can eat just that with some good seasoning. I have a garlic sauce and a red pepper sauce that I alternate. I usually put the meal in a container and then the sauce in a plastic bag in the container. Nothing gets soggy, and I still get a great meal.

Why I recommend it: The short of the long is this; if you have ever experienced chronic symptoms or pain that have been unexplained no matter how many doctors, nutritionists, or allergists you see, this is the test for you. I went to every kind of health practitioner imaginable trying to figure out what these symptoms are and why I constantly felt the way I did, and I never got any concrete answers nor results until I took this test. While this is my personal experience, and I present no guarantees of success because everyone is different; but there is no harm in trying.


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