Staying Motivated

I am currently a student at one of the most challenging universities in North America and, I’m not going to lie, sometimes it kicks my ass. I also love writing on AspiringMarilyn but it takes work and motivation to create a post I love enough to share with you. If any readers are like me, and need to find new ways to be motivated, this post is for you. 

Get out of the house: One of the things that motivates me is a change of scenery when I need to study. Having other people around can be motivating in itself because you want to look like you’re being productive; so why not actually get some work done. Go to your local coffee shop, or a public library. Somewhere that draws in other motivated citizens where you can all work together. 

Find a Drink or Snack you love: Coffee seems to be my new drink for motivation – an iced coffee and a sliced apple – that keeps me on track. You later begin to associate your drink with motivation and productivity. I’ve also gotten in the habit of not drinking coffee on my days off that way, my body associates coffee with working and I can make up for the days that I took off. 

Broadcast your work: Snapchat and instagram are the best places to advertise how hard you’re working. Snap a quick pic of your textbooks with a cute scenery, or your face covered by your hands with the annoyed emojis. I find that if I post cute pictures of being productive I’m more likely to follow through in the work I need to do. This same thing also applies to when your work is complete; take a snapchat video of how LOOOOONNNNGGG this essay is and how much work you got done. Send it to your friends and rub it in their face that your hard work is paying off.

Find your sound: mine is white noise. But maybe yours is classical music. You can find playlists on YouTube, Spotify, AppleMusic or SoundCloud. And once you find your sound, just like a musician, your motivated to keep working because you’ve found something you enjoy. 

Multitask with Ipsy: I recently discovered Ipsy which is a PHENOMENAL app and website which sends you a beautiful PINK envelope with a monthly makeup bag and high quality beauty products specially catered to your beauty and skincare needs. It is an affordable subscription that you can cancel at anytime (though I don’t recomend cancelling cause it’s AMAZE-BALLS) and allows you to change up your preferences in case routines or your tan has changed. I like to use some of the products Ipsy sends me every month to have a spa day while also working from home. Put on a cozy robe, lounge on the couch, and put on a face mask from one of Ipsy’s brand partners such as Biobelle. I love their sheet masks the most; so luxurious. Use your work as another excuse to relax. This can also help your stress levels. It’s hard to be stressed with fuzzy socks and a warm cup of tea while you’re writing.

The perfect pen & the perfect notebook: When I started this blog, just as many people do, I wanted a notebook for just AspiringMarilyn notes and ideas. I have one specific kind of pen and one specific notebook for all of my notes. I genuinely enjoy writing (and the way my writing looks) while using this pen and pad which motivates me to write more often, and write decent content. 

Short term goals: Thinking about the future can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. While attending university it’s hard not to think about that final exam worth 40% of your final grade BUT I can assure you, it’s not worth worrying about for 12 weeks. I try to only think about what I have to do for the following two weeks. Anything more than that and I start to get so overwhelmed it’s hard to function day-to-day. You have to remember that you obviously have a good work ethic if you have made it this far, and realistically you know all of the work is going to get done. Try to make REALISTIC short term goals; ‘I’m going to have the main points of this paper outlined by Wednesday, and the bulk written by friday’ stuff like that. Planning to far in advance can also be detrimental to the work you hope to do because you have no idea what the future holds. You could get sick, or have a familial or social obligation that you can’t work around. Short term goals ensure that a certain amount of work gets completed, and that way you’re not stressing last minute. 

Don’t Stress: This is probably the most important point. Have perspective. Remember that work and school is such a small part of your life; you have your health and your family and your friends. You have a roof over your head, food on the table and a wonderful life to continue living. Stressing over the little things, like the paper you need to write or that blog post you just can’t seem to get perfect, is  just not worth it.

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