Siberian Huskies

Bauer is a 10 year old Siberian Husky. He was brought to us from Hungary, and lived in the United Arab Emirates with my family and I up until last year when he arrived in Toronto. He is a loving fluff-ball who is (to say the least) the light of my life. Huskies are the most wonderful breed of dog and possess numerous qualities which make them a great companion for both children and adults. Below are a few tips everyone should have before they purchase this wonderful animal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dogs of any kind are a lifetime commitment and if you are not fully prepared to have that dog for the entirety of its life, please refrain from getting one. Stability within a dogs life is a key theme in maintaining their happiness and if you cannot imagine loving and caring for a dog for upwards of ten years I AM TELLING YOU NOW PLEASE DO NOT ADOPT A DOG!!! There are too many dogs – at all ages -in shelters or foster homes that have been abandoned because their owner was unaware of the long-term, full-time commitment which a dog poses. Do your research. Make sure you fully understand the commitment you are about to make to another life. With this point instead of going to a breeder, think about looking at shelter puppies or dogs for possible adoption. There are extensive tests done to ensure your safety if a dog has a not-so-pretty past, and those dogs want to find their forever home too. Look up your local SPCA or animal shelter and see if there are any lovely poopers waiting for you. 

Be Financially Responsible: Taking care of any animal can be quite costly. Never mind a medium breed dog – while husky’s are big, they are considered medium sized breeds. If you can’t afford the large bags of dog food, vet bills, travel bills and insurance you shouldn’t be considering any dog; and forget about a husky. While they are relatively a healthy breed, you never know what could happen and in case of emergency, you need to be able to drop up-to thousands of dollars in order to ensure they remain your favourite bundles of joy.

You will never own anything black again: SO. MUCH. FUR. I think I eat more fur than normal food and I love my pooper but he sheds 24/7, 365. While there are ways to prevent fur from flying in the air, such as having rugs or using a lint roller, this is one of the things you just have to get used to when you have a husky. The vacuum is your best friend.


They Run: The first piece of advice I have is do NOT let them off the leash in an open space unless you have complete confidence in their obedience. HUsky’s are bred to run – and pull – to the point of exhaustion which means 2 things: training them can be difficult, and a proper leash is essential to your best friends well-being –> I recommend the knitted ones as opposed to cable. There was an instance where Bauer pulled so hard that the leash snapped and he sprinted across the street. It wasn’t a fun experience. I also recommend getting a super-long, non-extendable leash; this is so that he can still go running in that big open space, but you still have the security of them being attached.

You officially lose all personal space: I remember my whole family sitting in my parents room and we would all be working or doing our own thing, and Bauer was always there. Right under foot. Now this might be all dogs, not just husky’s, but it is important to note that they are not small dogs; yet Bauer believes he can fit into the smallest of spaces if it means that you are there with him. No matter what we were doing or what room we were in, or how uncomfortable it may be for him, he needed to be where the people were AT ALL TIMES! Get used to having them under your feet, next to your face and all over the place because they love you more than you know.

Keep food away: I came downstairs one afternoon and remembered that my mom had mentioned having chicken wings for dinner. I looked in the sink, and only saw 12 wings thawing. I called up and asked mom why she was only making 12; she said there should be upwards of 42. Turns out Bauer had eaten around 30 RAW chicken wings straight out of the sink. We were freaking out. We called the vet, and he said to cook up some rice and ground beef to cushion the bones, but he should be fine. Apparently, raw chicken bones are not detrimental to a dog because they are pliable. It’s the cooked chicken bones you need to be careful of because they can splinter and cut the inside of a digestive tract. Moral of the story? don’t leave food anywhere within a vicinity that your dog can reach.


They don’t like yelling: If you want to make your husky’s living quarters as friendly and comfortable as possible, try not to yell or argue around them. I’m not sure why, but the anger and animosity within the space seems too make them feel uneasy. Bauer will go upstairs and hide under my desk unit Sam and I stop yelling. This forces you to stay calm in an intense or frustrating situation – do it for your pooper.

They get along GREAT with other animals: While we have had Bauer, there have been a

rotation of different animals he has come into contact with. He has met other dogs on his walks, but in his domain there have been numerous cats, fish and hamsters. Curiosity can get the better of him sometimes and all he wants to do is sniff and play; but he is nothing if not gentle. This is a trait most huskies possess and while some animals

may feel threatened by their inquisitive behaviour, you can trust that they have the best of intentions. It is also important to note that it takes A LOT for a husky to feel threatened. I am honestly not even sure what it could take because I have never seen Bauer be truly aggressive.

Every personality is wildly different: When picking out a husky, you never know what you are going to get. They could be hyper and super affectionate or very calm and independent. They are definitely one of the most diverse breeds i have ever seen in terms of their character traits. SO, be sure to know exactly what you’re prepared for and at the end of the day all dogs want the same thing; love.


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