Makeup Favorites: Drugstore & Designer


I use numerous different brands and try to constantly and consistently alternate between products. These are most of the basic products I use on a regular basis; what I like and what I might want to improve.

Ted Baker Makeup Bag: I have SO MANY pouches and make-up bags but I have a few requirements that this makeup bag fills; First, it has to open all the way. Having a wide opening means I don’t have to make a mess of the space around me and I can see everything as it sits in the bag. It needs to be of a reasonable size that is a soft or smooth texture inside and out. This way, it fits in duffle or travel bags and can be squished, and it’s less likely to get dirty and ruined if I toss it around. It is important to find a makeup bag that suits your needs. Will it stay in one place or will you travel with it? Are you constantly changing up your essentials and rotating products? Do you use a lot of products everyday or just the basics? For me, this is the perfect fit. But it has take years to find this one. I also rotate it out sometimes and try something different, but this is the one I always come back to. Thank-you Ted Baker.IMG_2217.JPG

Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer: Primer was never something I was invested in just because I didn’t feel it ever did anything. This was one of the first primers I ever purchased and I liked that I could just apply it with my hands, all over my face like a moisturizer. It evens out the surface of your face  and definitely mean makeup applies better HOWEVER I have never really noticed a difference in the longevity of my makeup. I noticed no change in the way the makeup ‘fades’ off my face, but there was less flaking and dry skin from my foundation. Again, it depends on what you like as far as if this primer, or any primer, is right for you.

Mac Studio Waterproof SPF 30 in NW20: A problem I constantly experience with foundation is the thickness and heavy feel on my face. I also felt like I woke up with a new zit every time I wore foundation for longer than 4 hours. One thing I have figured out is that it is important to discover what you like and don’t like because more than any other product, foundation is what you use and wear the most. This foundation is the only one I use. I have done trial and error with various drugstore and designer brands and found that this is my favourite. It’s very light and has medium coverage. Its water based which means the consistency is easily applied however, it is better to use a brush applicator rather than a beauty blender because it is easily absorbed.

Makeup Forever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette: Because I am so pale, I struggle with redness and very visible blemishes. This palette is amazing. I mostly use the green and purple, but sometimes I can use the others for contour or concealer. The great thing about this is the consistency; I can use a brush or a beauty blender and as long as I am careful not to rub too much, it does exactly what I need it to. I would totally recommend this for anyone who has never tried colour correction because its so easy to understand what goes where PLUS instructions are on the back (teehee).

Makeup Forever Pro Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer: The more I use this, the less I like it. It’s great for under the eyes or brightening, but I went into Sephora asking for something that I could wear without foundation. With this concealer, I can’t. it is very thick and also slightly whiter than my skin tone, which means if I put it just on a blemish and not surrounding skin, it looks like a spot with concealer on it. Not cute. I recommend the Rimmel Wake-Me-Up Concealer. The applicator is good – though I would put it on your hand not directly on your skin; the brush can gather a lot of bacteria – and the consistency is perfect. Smooth and light.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin: I have been using this for several years now and it is the perfect product for lazy people. This shade specifically is slightly pigmented and shimmery. I have never been a big eyeshadow wearer, though I am slowly trying to change that, but this is perfect because it prolongs the length of your eyeshadow and gives you a slight pop of colour. It takes a bit to dry, but is definitely worth the wait.

Urban Decay Naked Basics: This palette’s use is pretty much in the name. While they are shadow’s I use the colours for brows, liner and shading. The colours look good on everyone  and you can layer them on top of each other and use various brushes for different pigments or uses.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade: I. AM. OBSESSED. Using this product takes practice with the right kind of brush and the right kind of blending. A little product goes a long way and this means that one container lasts a long time. It isn’t easy to wash off, in a good way, and you can choose to make your brows as prominent or natural as you’d like. Make sure you get the right colour, cause it can all go terribly wrong if you get the wrong one, but I have yet to meet anyone who was unhappy with Anastasia’s Dip-Brow.

Sephora Waterproof Colorful Wink-It Felt Liner: I alternate between felt liners and gel tubs. I found that felt liners flaked off over time and weren’t as dark applying gels with a brush. However THIS felt liner is bomb. It doesn’t flake off and is as bright and pigmented as a gel liner. It comes off easier than a gel and is less maintenance to apply. The tip is soft and easily glides over you lid for simple liner and other detailing. I need to find others like this. If anyone has any recommendations PLEASE fill me in.

Maybelline ‘The Rocket’ Volum’ Express: I have gotten lots of comments on my lashes. I try to be careful that they don’t clump together and LOOK like they have a lot of product on them. This brush is perfect for that. It is a big base with small plastic bristles as opposed to those long bunches that look like a toothbrush. I get a lot of mascara on my lashes to make them darker and curl them upwards while still maintaining a natural look. The mascara itself is a thin consistency which coats, as opposed to bunching, my lashes. I have tried everything from Better Than Sex to Benefit to Dior and this Maybelline mascara is the one I always go back to.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Crush: I LOVE liquid lipsticks. This shade is the perfect nude and gives my lips that prominent yet, not in-your-face look. The applicator on these lipsticks is the perfect angle to draw the ‘X’ on your cupids bow and outlines the lips without liner. It lasts through eating and drinking, but with enough time can come off clean at the end of the day. Every time I enter Sephora, I walk out with a new shade and I am never disappointed. Spend the hour looking for those favourite shades, and as far as the product goes, it will be everything you expect, and more.



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