FabFitFun: A Review

Editors Note: You can use the LINK BELOW to sign-up for the box, & use the code RAINBOW for $10 off !!! Go check it out! #FabFitFunAffiliate


I have ordered numerous subscription boxes over the past few years and I can say with complete confidence that FabFitFun is the best one out there so far. They have found a perfect middle ground between established necessities (that I didn’t know I actually needed) and products that are new to the market for you to try. They concoct a spectrum of brands from that might be beauty, lifestyle, fashion or tech favourites.

Broad spectrum of products: As mentioned above, the products are from an array of life categories from tech and skin care (See Foreo Device) to vegan designer bags, to discounted beauty products or workout gear that you can add-on. While the broad spectrum of goods is ideal, I find that products are nothing without reviews and because FabFitFun has established a high-profile clientele, who discuss the products, why they are good (or not-so-good) and explore the pros and cons. Alongside the reviews come products for all different ‘types’ of people such as those with sensitive skin or those who live in cold climates. Everyone all over the world can enjoy the products that FabFitFun has to offer. You can sign up with your email, and use a credit card or PayPal which automatically withdraws funds every season.

Good bang for your buck: These are full sized products. FabFitFun outlines the market value of your entire box before they send it to you. And with this value, you often have a choice between specific products. Choices from winter accessories to rolling rocks, to sweaters or pencil cases; the product options are endless. I am notorious for forgetting to buy birthday or Christmas presents, and because there are so many options of pre-packaged goodies, they are perfect for gifting to your friends and family. Speaking of spending, they are also one of the most OPEN brands i have had the pleasure of interacting with; by this I mean there are no obligations. You are free to cancel your subscription at anytime, and they send you notification of when payments will be withdrawn and processed. You can quit and re-sign-up as many times as you like and, provided it is in a given time frame, face no penalty or charge when you do so.

Buy more at reduced prices: This is an option for all members, but opens selectively as time passes. There are a plethora of products that are nearly 75% off and this is a chance for you to try new products from large or small companies. The other wonderful thing about the add-ons is the ease with which you can donate. This season (Spring 2019) was the Ian Somerhalder foundation where you can donate to support to education, wildlife, and environmental initiatives. The amount you can donate varies, but you don’t even need to go through a checkout process. It is all added automatically when your box is being prepared. It’s like the lazy girls guide to shopping (and being a good person, duh).

Convenient & Accessible Website: For those of you who are technologically challenged, and may be worried about an online process, the website can be easily navigated due to its simple design, with a plethora of hyperlinks across the screen so you can access all the exclusive offers (provided your membership allows for it). With successful brands, this can be a huge opportunity as you are reaching a market that is easily defeated by a convoluted or overwhelming design online.

Use things you never thought you’d use: this is pretty self explanatory, and has been touched on briefly before, but I love when brands (without being overbearing) recommend products that you might enjoy; not necessarily because it is something you need, but because it could be good for a positive lifestyle change, or implement a new beauty habit into your routine, or simply because the brand works towards a better cause and overall growth or worldly improvement.

Are you a subscriber to FabFitFun? or another subscription box you think i would enjoy? Give this piece a LIKE and COMMENT your thoughts.

***all of those themes and ideas expressed above are my own. This piece is not a sponsored ad.

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