Everyday Household Skin Care

Below is an examination of Skincare remedies that include everyday household items. This encompasses reviews of the products, how they were applied and if they cleansed or attacked my skin. At the end of this post, I wrote a small feature on a SECRET EVERYDAY HOUSEHOLD ITEM THAT WORKS WONDERS ON YOUR SKIN. No matter your type, or skincare goal, this remedy will work WONDERS – and don’t be that person who scrolls to the bottom without reading the whole article… though I wouldn’t blame you.

Please Note: These are all my own opinions. This post is not a sponsored ad. Should you have any questions about the products or other variables of homemade remedies, be sure to comment below OR send me a DM on one of my social platforms.

My Skin-Info: I have very normal skin, but it is insanely sensitive. Everything, even if it is supposed to soothe or cool your skin, turns mine some shade of red. It’s not oily or dry, nor do I have a lot of acne – though I do have hormonal imbalances and food sensitivities which mean my skins’ well-being varies very often. So these homemade spa treatments were both hit and miss.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar on your skin implies using it like a cleanser on a cotton pad, and stroking it in upward motions all over your face. I had high hopes for apple cider vinegar; its all over the media and has a plethora of articles online as to the benefits it can have. However, PEOPLE BEWARE this feels similar to a chemical peel when you first put it on. It will burn. And while I feel that there could be benefits from using it long term, the temporary discomfort I did experience was not worth it. While most beauticians would argue that 6 days is not long enough to try products, I think that you know your skin well enough to know what is good and what is not.

Lemon Juice & Baking Soda: I LOVED this. It was a brightening, cleansing mask with equal ratios of 1 tsp, and once the two stopped fizzing, it becomes a light paste which can easily be painted on your face. It cools the surface of your skin while bringing out impurities and brightening your skin. It also smells delicious and dries quickly so you can be productive while cleansing your skin. However, be careful because when it does dry, it flakes everywhere as it is such a thin substance. These ingredients are easily accessible, and a little goes a long way.

Hot Compress: I only recently learned that putting a hot washcloth over your imperfections; wake them up, open your pours and relinquish your skin. Also, laying the cloth over your whole face is extremely relaxing and holds the heat and steam against your skin while alleviating the dry and tense skin. I would recommend using a washcloth that is made of 100% cotton as to be gentle on the skin.

Egg White: This is literally a plain egg white in a bowl, painted onto your face. It is a weird texture, almost like a gel on your skin that soothes, but also tightens the skin as it dries. If you’ve ever used a peel-off mask, it smoothes the surface of the skin and seals nutrients into your pores as it works. This works to brighten the surface of your skin, while drying out your zits with natural ingredients. I am no doctor, but my assumption is that if you are allergic to egg, this is not going to be a great remedy for you. However, if you’re not, then this can be a perfect whole ingredient to use for multiple purposes; tons of protein and a DIY spa treatment.

Toothpaste: This can be any brand – though I do find that the blue CREST works best – and works to attack any blemishes through disinfecting the skin (I’m assuming this comes from the mint) and dries to be nearly solid so that you can PEAL the imperfections off. Similar to a Biore nose strip. This does sting a little, but it goes away after a few long moments. I heard about toothpaste online when I was looking for overnight remedies for zits and redness, and while this doesn’t clear the skin completely, it definitely reduces inflammation. NOTE: Overnight, you will probably get more on your pillow than you put on your skin, but such is life.

Turmeric: Mixed with water or apple cider vinegar, this everyday spice works to reduce redness and inflammation, clean your pores, rid under-eye puffiness while brightening and balancing your skin tone. However, please PLEASE do not leave this on for more than 25 minutes. I would say an appropriate time is 10-15 minutes on the skin – any longer and YOUR SKIN WILL BE BRIGHT YELLOW! Turmeric is used in all kinds of cuisines and is also used for its fluorescent colour. It does not sting, but also doesn’t work overnight; I would consider this more of a regiment that will slowly work on the skin as it is applied 1-3 times a week. For those of you with larger pores, I would recommend less frequent application, with more liquid to substance ratio as it will be absorbed into your pores and harder to remove the discolouration (NOTE: This assumption could be totally inaccurate as I do not have large pores, nor am I a dermatologist, so as far as whose skin absorbs what, I am just thinking logically which scientifically could be completely wrong).

Charcoal: This isn’t really as common a household item as the others, but you can buy capsules from any local drugstore, of raw-organic charcoal, and mix it with a liquid of your choice – water, apple cider vinegar, or facial oil. This has the same benefits of charcoal toothpaste, face masks, mud peels etc, but is a fraction of the cost. Because these capsules are typically ingested, they exclude a plethora of chemicals and preservatives that are typically in beauty-branded products. Charcoal doesn’t generally sting, but it might be a little itchy as it works to cleanse any blemishes, and it also depends on what you mix it with. I love this because it is easy to make and depending on what my skin craves, I can mix various other masks or products with it and leave it on my skin for however long it needs.

Advil Liqui-Gel: This is something that I feel has been talked a lot about, but no one really tries or uses it. The liquid is used to attack zits, minimize the redness and inflammation and dry it out overnight. The alternative is using Aspirin and water. Recently I was desperate to get rid of multiple zits on my chin (I had my university graduation photos and I wasn’t about to hate these forever because I had a slice of pizza 3 days prior). so i grabbed a pair of scissors, cut open an Advil and IT WORKED WONDERS! It centralized the redness rather than spreading it out, cooled down the surrounding skin and brought (TMI WARNING) a lot of puss to the surface allowing me to squeeze out a lot of the gunk. It stung a little at first, but went away eventually and the results were worth the pain. Try to apply it with a q-tip or brush in order to be as clean as possible.

I am all about listening to your body, and having your skin tell you what it craves or needs as far as abrasion, exfoliation, cleansing or brightening. While most of these remedies worked for my skin and what I needed at a give point, everyone is different and you know your skin best. Don’t feel like you need to follow a FAD or embody someone else’s lifestyle just because its online. Take what you like, and ignore what you don’t, work hard and love yourself.

SECRET REMEDY: If you just scrolled to the bottom, you should be ashamed (but actually I don’t really care). I thought of this when I went in a little too hard on a little group of zits between my eyebrows; the skin was scraped and red and nothing seemed to soothe or heal it. While I had gotten most of the dirt out, my skin was nearly left bruised. Overnight I saw results with this product. It healed the skin and got rid of a lot of inflammation and redness, didn’t sting AT ALL and acted as a primer for my concealer later on. SO… This secret, everyday product is… POLYSPORIN! Guys, I am not kidding, this has CHANGED MY LIFE, and I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks. Anytime I feel a zit coming on, or I have a lot of discomfort on my face or body, this is what I use. It doesn’t burn or aggravate any blemishes, its inexpensive, you don’t need to use a lot so the tube lasts forever, and because it is oil based, it stays on your skin despite accidental removal. Try it for 3 days… if it doesn’t work, I owe you a coffee.

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