Food you HATE to LOVE

While we might love these foods, wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t have any unfortunate repercussions? We want to have our cake and eat it too (literally). A little broad and unconventional, but there are simply foods we cannot live without.

Bacon: The ideal pairing with your eggs or on your pizza, it has a flavour that only the gods could have created. If there were a way to simulate the taste without the bloating and calories, I would be on it like white on rice. Its not just the flavour, but the various textures it can provide; the fat and salt often give food a layered depth that only comes from butter, and not those ‘healthy’ alternatives. We love to hate bacon because there is a feeling on your tongue and in your stomach that doesn’t go away, so it begs the question; are the repercussions worth the flavour? (YES).

Anything Deep Fried: The food that keeps on giving, especially after it’s already finished. Keep in mind, it’s going to be the oil, gluten or fat that comes through and makes these dishes so delicious, but its also going to be what leaves you feeling ‘blah’. When I say ‘anything’ I really mean ANYTHING; sweet, salty or combination, deep frying food isolates flavour and elevates the experience. However, its often dense, heavy and leaves you feeling greasy and bloated. It is also ALL too difficult to resist.

Cheese: Put it on everything and put it on anything. It comes in so many different forms and flavours; I won’t bore you with a reality about health because I am a huge advocate for listening to your body – and who’s body doesn’t crave cheese? I would say the only downfall is that it is nearly impossible to try all the different cheeses in all its forms, with really REALY great bread.

Milkshakes: These are kind of the hidden gem in my opinion; something that is often forgotten about when it comes to cravings and satisfying your sweet tooth. The possibilities are endless and whether you enjoy lumpy or smooth, chocolate or strawberry, there are relatively few places that don’t offer this delectable dessert. As time goes on, the populace has further begun to recognize that dairy in various forms is not great for your internal health; and these side effects include but are not limited to shitting in your pants. Worth it? Probably.

Fries & Gravy: Possibly only native to Canada, this simply-salty deliciousness can be topped with anything and everything to elevate it that much more. Truthfully, I think we Canadians LOVE to LOVE this pairing… but part of my hatred comes from eating out on occasion and feeling the need to explore various combinations underneath the gravy. There’s buffalo chicken poutine to ranch with gravy on top of potato skins to butter chicken poutine… the list is endless and the combinations get more extravagant with every passing day.

Street Meat: Whether you’re in a panic, travelling during rush hour, or intoxicated at 3am, street meat can satisfy all and any cravings you may have. However, we have all heard the rumours and I don’t want to turn this into a graphic article with all the details, but we have no real idea of what goes into the meat and similar to skincare products, health standards and codes do not require vendors to identify a large portion of ingredients. Good for you? No way! Enjoyed once in a blue moon anyway? DUH!

Hollandaise: Rich, dip-able and usually paired with two of the most universal foods – bread and eggs – to create a breakfast staple of Eggs Benedict. I think relating to the title, you either love or hate this food and its flavour. Sometimes cut with citrus, hollandaise comes on top of eggs and literally anything else you want to throw on an English muffin. The yolks, a hollandaise’ main ingredient, are heavy in fat content and calorie count. I feel bad for people who can make hollandaise from scratch and at home… but not really.

Cinnabon: Similar to most desserts, I thought a concluding food should be one that includes hot melted sugar being poured on top of a soft dough swirl. There are no words. Everyone who knows Cinnabon and cinnamon buns (of joy) knows the smell alone carries for miles and eating this too much will mean you’re carrying around pounds for miles. I think it is well worth the 10lbs you may put on while chasing the affair. Well worth cheating on a diet.

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