Five Things You Need to Know about Starting a Small Business

As a small business owner myself, here are some things I wish people had told me prior to launching.

5. Anticipation is Your Secret Weapon: Prior to starting your business, creating anticipation within your target audience can lead to a successful launch and a more loyal consumer base. This also gives you the opportunity to create the story behind your brand and tell people about your products. Examine the why factor to add more value to your content. This will get your consumers excited about upcoming purchases. 

4. Less is More: This refers to many aspects of your business, such as copy, pictures, packaging and even the products themselves. I get it; this whole process is so exciting and with so many different colour and design opportunities, it’s easy to overdo it. Take your time, think about what best represents your company and your buyers.

  • Top Tip: create a colour palette and write down some descriptive keywords paired with brands you admire and enjoy.

3. It’s Expensive: Whether you’re selling stickers or leather goods or whether you’re using materials you’ve had for years or ordered from a manufacturer, starting and running a business is expensive. Unless you are a fully encompassing jack of all trades, you’re going to have to spend on a variety of tools to launch. Save where you can and do your research (and some math).

2. Planning can be Deadly: I am not saying don’t plan, because planning is going to make or break your business. I am, however, saying that getting wrapped up in planning can lead to procrastination. It is easy to get sidetracked by new content and all the potential your business has – it’s like being a kid in a candy store. Start small and write everything down. You can always keep growing.

And the number 1 thing you need to know about owning a small business…

1. Create What You Love: Most might assume this is self-explanatory, but nowadays there are so many outside influences that it can be hard to stay true to creating the things that you like rather than the things that will sell. But, if you really stand behind the things that you’re creating, it usually doesn’t matter what other people think nor if it’s popular. Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life – but you will work harder than everyone else.

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