Why You Need to Hire a Copywriter

Below is an excerpt with embedded grammatical errors. If you can’t spot all eight errors, your customers might — and you’ll lose business.

“On, the other hand it would not be as awkward for someone to say they are ‘consuming a novel’. Though their are better ways to say it. In context the meaning of the phrase imply’s that the novel is fantastic and the reader is reading it quickly and eagerly. if you simply must use consume how about: “This novel has consumed me. Where these phrases have especially begun to irk me is in sentences like this: “The iPad is for consuming, not creation.””

With that, it has been proven that readers, first and foremost, are visual consumers. But what comes after the visual? The explanation. 

Content consumption is vital to sell and represent a brand and you need to ensure your copy is effective, implicit and relatable. By hiring a copywriter, you’re not just getting original content; you’re also getting a well-organized process, and someone who has great attention to detail. 

My name is Keats Jabri-Pickett and I have been a content marketer for two years. As an honours graduate from the University of Toronto, I understand and replicate the highest quality of writing to market products (or services) and effectively represent your brand. Whether you want to engage your audience through social media captions, or convert leads to sales with articles and pipeline messaging, I will develop content of various forms, for both internal and external purposes.

One of the most important aspects in content creation is maintaining a consistent voice and tone. Part of my unique process is drafting content with you and factoring in what is most important to each piece of content we release. This is not a transaction; this is an ongoing relationship.

If you are interested in working together, or have further questions please feel free to send me a note at keatsjp@gmail.com

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