Entrepreneur Burnout – and How To Avoid It.

Sit. And breathe.

In. And out.

Sitting still can feel impossible and the only way I can even fathom taking time off is at the end of the night after I’ve made a list of all that I have accomplished that day.

Why is it like this? Why does it feel so good, yet leave me so breathless?

Being an entrepreneur is extremely rewarding – but the burn out is very real. I feel as though I can’t catch my breath. But you’re allowed to stop moving. You’re allowed to take a breath and relax. As a freelancer and small business owner it is easy to get wrapped up in the work and feel guilty for taking time off.

But taking time to relax is just as important as the work itself and as such, here are FIVE practical applications to fighting entrepreneur burnout:

  1. Create a space(s) you love: As I have developed my personal and professional brand, I have seen a significant increase in my efficiency solely based on my eagerness to work in a conducive environment.
  2. Allocate your time off: I only recently started doing this, but it is a GAME CHANGER! Maybe it’s a little excessive, but when I set aside an hour or two to doing nothing, my desk time is more productive and my brain fog has faded – I’m no longer juggling my thoughts.
  3. Leave wiggle room in your schedule for motivation (or lack thereof): With the above in mind, the reality is that mood, anxiety, weather and life can throw a curveball into your work grind. Stop procrastinating, and push your deadlines up by a day or two to accommodate the variety you have no control over.
  4. Keep a record of your tasks completed: I am an individual who is far too satisfied by checking things off of a to-do list, but even writing lists at the end of the day just to – sort of – prove to myself that I was productive, can leave you feeling much better about a hazy day –> Include things in this list that ARE NOT work related; doing the dishes, laundry, home organization and grocery shopping are still productive tasks. Do what you can and remember to.
  5. Give yourself a little credit: We get so caught up in doing the work, and delivering results that we forget how much work we’re doing, and how much time we’re dedicating to other people that we forget to accredit ourselves for doing what so many people have tried to do.

I wrote this piece with other entrepreneurs and small business owners in mind. However, it does not fully encompass our workload nor apply to all. These practical tips may not always assist productivity, but I hope you were able to take something away and at the very least, off-set your burnout.

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